Celebrating a birthday or a special anniversary? Offering condolences? Our beautiful selection of cards can help you express your sentiment and support Alzheimer Groupe (AGI) at the same time. A thoughtful, personalized message printed on the Tribute Card will be sent to the recipient on your behalf and a tax receipt will be issued.

Simply select the tribute card you’d like on the form below, fill in your message, make the donation and the card will be sent.

Flower card:
By Eunice, 2013

This painting was created by Eunice, a member of AGI’s Friday Art Program, which meets in our Aisenstadt Activity Centre. Each week, for three years, Eunice enjoyed a day of recreational and therapeutic programming where she discovered and nurtured her love of art.

Three Blue Houses:
By Catherine Benny, 2009

Cathy Benny has developed her own unique techniques, blending colours directly on the canvas using a palette knife and oil paints. The results are rich and layered backgrounds that give the sense of travelling into a painting, whether it be a cityscape or a field of flowers.

Rosh Hashanah

Text to come...

Red card with dress:
By Judy Fung, 2012

This drawing is a combination of a wedding dress and a strongly rooted tree. It was inspired by a Montreal couple’s sixty year marriage, which has withstood pain as well as joy; the birth of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren… and the onset of Alzheimer’s.

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