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Community Outreach

AGI brings awareness about memory loss to the community through various programs. We visit schools to speak about Alzheimer’s and involve students in art projects with our clients as well as provide speakers for community organizations on topics of interest to their specific groups.

*All community outreach programs on hold until further notice.

For Schools



Learning to Care: An Intergenerational Art Program

This program aims to educate elementary school students about Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders and to create a social opportunity for clients at AGI to interact with school-age children. Learning to Care serves to demystify memory loss for youngsters.

The students are visited in school by an AGI professional along with a spokesperson who has been diagnosed with AD. They bring an interactive workbook which teaches about the disease. Following the visit, the students participate in an art “party” in our Aisenstadt Activity Centre and, together with clients, create artwork that the students take back to their school for display.


Our Community, Our Stories: A Reminiscence Project

This project is designed to preserve, honor and share stories from the lives of people living with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. It promotes a holistic view of the diagnosed individual, within their families and the community, by recognizing the importance of their life experiences and providing them with a larger social discourse.

AGI makes audio recordings of our clients being interviewed by family or friends. Students from local schools are matched up with a story and asked to make a creative piece inspired by the client’s life story.

Recordings of the interviews and artworks are shared with the public in an exhibition.


AGI Outreach For Community Organizations

AGI’s professional staff, guest speakers and volunteers are available to speak about their personal experiences, provide lectures and speeches about Alzheimer’s disease, caregiving, living with a diagnosis and about maintaining a good quality of life for the entire family as they go embark on the journey of life with dementia.

The audiences within the Montreal and surrounding areas include:

Community Organizations
Rotary Clubs
Synagogues, Churches
Seniors’ Groups
Family medicine hospitals and clinics
Memory Clinics
Senior’s Residences
Career Fairs
Elementary and High Schools
Vocational Schools

To find out where an AGI counsellor will be speaking next or to book a speaker,  please contact 514-485-7233 or