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For Professional Caregivers

Being a professional caregiver in a facility that include people with Alzheimer’s disease can often be a challenging experience. Individuals with Alzheimer’s often develop symptoms of anxiety, depression and disorientation which can be difficult to cope with on a regular basis.

AGI provides a variety of programs for professional caregivers that include the latest in training as well as education. AGI's Alzheimer 101 and 201 and AGI's Specialized Training Courses are also designed to help professional caregivers.

In addition to our annual awareness and education conferences, AGI hosts the Lindsay Memorial Foundation Lecture Series , a series of monthly lectures (January through June) on a variety of topics of critical importance to professional caregivers.

Alzheimer Groupe also offers the Ditkofsky Training program, a  comprehensive training program to help professional caregivers to work more effectively with diagnosed individuals and their families.


The Ditkofsky Training Program for Professional Caregivers

This uniquely flexible program can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the staff of a particular facility or day centre. The course curriculum is adapted to reflect the staff’s experience, background, previous training in dementia care and expressed requirements.

Each participant who completes the 12-hour program receives:
  • A manual
  • A care map that serves as a reference guide to intervention strategies for dealing with challenging behaviours
  • An attestation of course completion

This program is provided through the generosity of Libby Ditkofsky.

For more information or to register for the program, please call 514-485-7233.

Click HERE for a downloadable Ditkofsky Training Program brochure.


Activity and Stimulation Training

Activity and Stimulation Training Program for paid Home Caregivers that trains them to provide adapted, therapeutic activities in the home. The program will include:
  • A ‘master class’ in Activity and Stimulation (prerequisite: Alzheimer 101 course)
  • A resource and materials kit
  • A home visit, assessment and Activities Plan written by an AGI professional
  • On-going support and re-assessments as needed
  • Provides training to Caregivers at home to enable them to provide activities for the diagnosed person that involve: Cognitive, Creative, Physical, Reminiscing, Sensory and Social stimulation.

Education and Training

* All education programs are held online via Zoom
AGI's Lassner Institute of Learning

AGI offers Montreal’s most comprehensive curriculum for learning about how to care for a person who has dementia. From courses that teach basic knowledge and principles for interaction, to specialized trainings that focus more in-depth on particular issues in dementia caregiving, AGI has a course for every caregiver at every step along the way.

*AGI Courses can be used towards LPN Licensing Hours. Attestations of attendance are provided upon request.

For more information or to register for any of these courses, call 514-485-7233 or email

Attestations for LPN licensing hours will be provided upon request.

Spaces are limited - pre-registration is required. Register Today! 

AGI's training courses teach basic knowledge and practical principles for interaction as well as specialized in-depth trainings focusing more on specific issues faced in dementia caregiving.
Our courses are for family and professional caregivers at every step along the way.
*AGI Courses can be used towards LPN Licensing Hours. Attestations of attendance are provided upon request..

For more information about out courses in Montreal or on the West Island, call 514-485-7233 or email


*Held online via Zoom

Dementia Education and Alzheimer Awareness Conferences 

Our annual Education and Awareness Conferences provide ongoing education about Alzheimer's and dementia to families and professional caregivers. Guest speakers discuss topics relevant to Alzheimer’s and related dementias, teach new caregiving approaches and share findings in research, detection, treatment and prevention,  providing pertinent information to professional and family caregivers alike. 



AGI's Education Conferences

These annual conferences take place in late fall, usually in November and feature guest experts in the field of dementia  teaching new techniques approaches to help family and professional caregivers alike. 

AGI's Marva Whyte Alzheimer Awareness Conferences

AGI’s yearly Awareness Conference is open to the public at large and features a panel of renowned doctors and other experts reporting on the latest developments in Alzheimer treatment and prevention. There is also an interactive question and answer period for specific questions.For more information about AGI's conferences and lectures, as well as AGI Support Services for families, contact 514-485-7233 or


Lindsay Memorial Lecture Series

AGI hosts engaging monthly lectures in both Montreal and Pointe-Claire on the West Island featuring guest speakers discussing specialized and relevant topics related to dementia. These lectures are tailored for family caregivers,  giving them the tools to enhance their lives with their loved one. We invite experts in each area to address caregivers and family members eager to learn more about these important issues.

Lectures are free and open to the public
Lectures are in English only    

All online via Zoom 

Special appreciation for the generosity of the Lindsay Memorial Foundation