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Enhancing Lives

AGI offers a range of activity programs for the person living with dementia and their families. AGI’s therapeutic programs are tailored to the individual, enhancing abilities while compensating for challenges.


These activities improve self-esteem by providing opportunities to experience feelings of pleasure, success and competence.

Senior Yoga

Yoga for Caregivers

AGI's gentle yoga sessions allow caregivers to learn new movements and breathing techniques to help ease their anxiety or stress. Led by a Lifeforce Yoga Practitioner, participants are encouraged to listen to their bodies and go at their own pace.


No equipment is needed, and participants can sit or stand.


Weekly sessions are offered free on Zoom.

Who is this catered to?


Art Therapy

AGI’s Art Therapy Program helps our participants meet their social and emotional needs through creative expression. AGI's knowledgeable and professional Art Therapists led the program and graduate-level interns from the Concordia University Department of Creative Arts Therapies.

For people living with dementia, creating art in a supportive environment helps promote effective coping that go hand-in-hand with the life changes that come with dementia. The program focuses on emotional well-being and quality of life rather than artistic achievement. AGI provides art therapy in our in-person and virtual activity programs according to participant needs and their capacity to benefit from the program.  

Who is this catered to?

People living with dementia

Dreamcatcher coloring, by Gord
Watercolor Painting, by Phyllis
House Drawing, by Adrienne
Playing Guitar

Music Therapy

AGI’s Music Therapy program aims to foster a sense of emotional and psychosocial well-being in participants through music-listening and music-making experiences.


Our Board-Certified Music Therapist offers a structured and supportive therapeutic environment for groups and individuals to connect to their creativity, both online and in person. Music therapy sessions are tailored to the individual and focus on therapeutic goals such as expression, reminiscence, stimulation, socialization, and relaxation.


All forms of participation are welcome. Prior musical experience is not necessary.

Sharing Sounds of Music is an online drop-in music therapy group offered by AGI. This program aims to meet the needs of participants by inviting them to engage in musical experiences that are beneficial to their sense of well-being. Activities include vocal warm-ups, group singing, and receptive listening.


This program is for those who experience the effects of sundowning, including restlessness, agitation, irritability, disorientation, and/or confusion.  Participants have the ability to engage and disengage in musical experiences according to their comfort levels. 

Weekly on Monday and Wednesday. Online via Zoom.

Who is this catered to?

People living with dementia and caregivers


This group is offered on Thursday mornings and is geared toward all who would like to make the mid-week brighter.


Group facilitators introduce a variety of movement exercises to help participants’ mind and body stay engaged. This is a free online activity for the person living with dementia and their caregiver to do together.

Who is this catered to?

People living with dementia and caregivers

Playing Cards
Smiling Woman

Activity Centre

AGI’s Activity Centre offers the person living with dementia engaging activities while their family member benefits from respite. The centre honours each participant as a unique person beyond the diagnosis.


Activities are tailored to individual abilities and offered in a caring, non-judgmental environment, enhancing the quality of life for those who attend. Programming focuses on providing participants with a sense of belonging, improved quality of life, a feeling of productivity and empowerment, an opportunity to participate in leisure activities, and social inclusion in interacting with their peers.


AGI offers a virtual activity centre online for those unable to attend in-person programs. Sessions are led by Recreation Therapist and Activity Program Facilitator with enrichments through contributions by Art and Music Therapists.

Who is this catered to?

People living with dementia

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