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History and Mission

Alzheimer Groupe Inc. (AGI) is a charitable organization that offers therapeutic programs to individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Additionally, we provide support services to families and professional care partners, focusing on best practices in dementia care while sensitizing the community through education and awareness.


AGI came about because a small group of committed volunteers experienced difficulty finding services for a friend diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This group felt that if they were struggling, other families were too.


AGI has been serving the Greater Montreal community for over 40 years.

Our Focus

Every day, families reach out to AGI urgently seeking help. Through dedicated professionals, AGI provides practical solutions to these families in need. AGI takes a proactive approach and strives to offer innovative programs and services to people living with dementia while providing caregivers with education and tools that they can use at home.

Quality Time

AGI's 4 pillars strive to provide:

• Engaging activities and enriching programs for people living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia

• Respite, guidance and support for family caregivers

• Education for family caregivers; training programs for professional care partners

• Community outreach opportunities that aim to reduce the stigma attached to memory loss

Our Approach

AGI’s approach is person-centred and founded on the premise that all individuals with dementia deserve an excellent quality of life characterized by joyful, loving interactions, which requires:


• A deep understanding of the individual and their disease

• A gentle and empathic approach to physical care

• A concern for psychological and emotional wellbeing

• Knowledge of appropriate intervention strategies


AGI’s professional team helps families accept their new reality with a greater understanding of what to expect as their loved one progresses through the disease.

Senior Woman

Meet the Board Members

Kenny Tajfel

Immediate Past President
Paula Levinson

Vice-President and Treasurer

Harold Busner


Debra Schwartz Chomski

Anne-Marie Panzini
Michael Saracino
Tatianna Turcotte

Honourary Board
Bernice Brownstein
Wilfred Kravitz
Esther Landsman
Linda Rosenbloom
Eileen Walfish

Past Presidents
Carole Arbess (deceased)
Phyllis Benjamin
Miriam Friedman
Elaine Kotler
Esther Landsman
Risa Libman Scherzer
Marilyn Rosenbloom (deceased)
Beverly Salomon
Claire Webster

Meet The Team

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