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Enhancing Lives

AGI offers a range of activity programs for the person living with dementia and their families. AGI’s therapeutic programs are tailored to the individual, enhancing abilities while compensating for challenges.


These activities improve self-esteem by providing opportunities to experience feelings of pleasure, success and competence.

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Help Line

For everyone affected

AGI’s services are available for families, individuals living with dementia, and professional caregivers.

Life coaching


For everyone affected

AGI is a community resource that provides support and services for the whole family. Whether you need us now or in the future.

Support Groups

Support Groups

For Caregivers

AGI offers spousal, adult-child and bereavement support groups. Groups are in person or online at no cost.


Activity Centre

For People Living with Dementia

Activities are tailored to individual abilities and offered in a non-judgmental environment, enhancing the quality of life.

Animal Therapy

For People Living with Dementia

We have exciting news!
The Launch of the Animal Therapy Program is now in the Activity Centre.

Elderly Woman at Gym

Therapeutic Yoga

For Caregivers

This is an opportunity for caregivers to learn new movement and breathing techniques to help ease anxiety and stress.


Welcome to the Creative Arts Therapy Programs

At AGI, the Creative Arts Therapies Program fosters mental health through engagement in art and music activities. Guided by trained art and music therapists and student interns, our participants living with dementia meet their social and emotional needs through creative expression within a supportive environment. Art and music workshops are created with individualized therapeutic goals in mind. These may include development of positive coping, self-esteem and personal growth, accomplishment, social connectivity, emotional healing, stress management and enjoyment. 


Are you a new to art or music making? Fear not: No prior experience or skill is required to partake and reap the rewards of Creative Arts Therapies. 


Interested? Group sessions are automatically incorporated into day centre programming. Availability of individual sessions is limited and priority is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested, please speak to your AGI counselor. 

Image by Ramiro Mendes

Sharing Sounds of Music

For People Living with Dementia

This program is for those who experience the effects of sundowning, including: restlessness, agitation, irritability, disorientation

and/or confusion.

Group on Drums

Music Therapy Sessions

For People Living with Dementia

These sessions are tailored to the individual and focus on therapeutic goals such as expression, reminiscence, stimulation, socialization, and relaxation.

Botanical Sketch

Art Therapy

For People Living with Dementia

AGI provides art therapy in our in-person and virtual activity programs according to participant needs and their capacity to benefit from the program.

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