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Who is this catered to?

Group therapy

Support Groups

For spouses and adult children

Support groups are an opportunity to interact with peers who are going through a similar experience. Group members exchange ideas, learn from one another, and feel supported on the emotional caregiving rollercoaster. 

The benefits of joining a group include:

· Reduced caregiver isolation 

· Feeling supported by others when talking openly

  about your feelings

· Improve skills to cope with daily challenges

· Learn about resources in the community. 


All AGI support groups are facilitated by an AGI counsellor and are arranged based on the carer's relationship to the stage of the person living with dementia. AGI offers spousal, adult-child and bereavement support groups.


Groups are in person or online at no cost.

AGI is a community resource that provides support and services for the whole family. Whether you need us now or in the future.

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