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Sharing Experiences from AGI

As of the end of March, Concordia Art Therapy students Courtney and Sydney have successfully completed their internship. Here is what they have to say about their time at AGI:

"We are both so grateful for the opportunity to have spent our first internship here at AGI. When we began our placement in September, we did not expect to forge such strong relationships with all of the staff, clients, and caregivers that we would meet along the way. Spending time each week creating such meaningful and beautiful artwork with so many amazing clients has been an incredible privilege.


To see first-hand the benefits art therapy has for those living with dementia is a unique experience that we are thrilled to have been a part of. We have relished the opportunity to learn from other staff members, furthering our own understanding and undoubtedly molding our future practices."

Art Therapy

Who is this catered to?

People living with dementia

AGI’s Art Therapy Program helps our participants meet their social and emotional needs through creative expression. AGI's knowledgeable and professional Art Therapists led the program and graduate-level interns from the Concordia University Department of Creative Arts Therapies.

For people living with dementia, creating art in a supportive environment helps promote effective coping that go hand-in-hand with the life changes that come with dementia. The program focuses on emotional well-being and quality of life rather than artistic achievement. AGI provides art therapy in our in-person and virtual activity programs according to participant needs and their capacity to benefit from the program.  


Courtney, (left) and Sydney, (right)

Beach Day
Circles by the Participants
Monday Group
Mandala, by Morris
Vernissage by the Monday Group
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