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Henry and Esther

An inspiring story about connection at any age

Henry and Esther’s story starts with a phone call: when Esther dialed Henry by mistake, it sparked a conversation that lasted for hours. Henry, who was previously diagnosed with mixed dementia, told his children about his encounter but they didn’t think much of it… until Esther showed up at the door. Shoshana, Henry’s daughter with whom he shares a duplex, answered the door and found out he had sent a taxi to pick Esther up. When it was clear the two wouldn’t be finished talking any time soon, Shoshana invited Esther out to dinner with them, as it was also Henry’s birthday. The rest is history!

Henry had tried dating in the past, but nothing had come close to the deep, mutual connection that he and Esther have. Like any relationship, they came across a few roadblocks along the way; but after a year and a half of spending just about all their time together, the two families saw the value in their coupling and decided it would be beneficial for both Henry and Esther to officially move in together.

Shoshana shared that it had been years since she’d seen her father laugh as he did the first day they spent together. Henry and Esther have a connection all their own, but given the challenges following a diagnosis of dementia, their relationship has been facilitated by the support of their families: their adult children communicate with each other regularly to ensure their parents’ wellbeing, and Shoshana gladly welcomed Esther as part of their family.

The story of Esther and Henry is a testament to the value of companionship, a demonstration of the importance of familial support, and proof that at any age, at any stage, love is possible.

Watch Henry and Esther tell their story.

Henry and Esther

Photo credit: Aglow Photography

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